What Does Mean?

LGBTQ Glossary

This glossary will help you better understand LGBTQ related words and their meanings. When you know what words to use (and what words not to use), it is much easier to have conversations about gender identity and sexual orientation.

If LGBTQ lingo is new to you, you’re not alone. Keep in mind that definitions of some of the glossary terms are constantly changing. And some words may have different meanings for different people. The short definitions provided here are just a starting point for conversation and understanding. We’ll update the terms and their meanings often.

You can search this glossary by using “What Does _____ Mean?” search tool, or you can look through the list of terms in alphabetical order (A-Z). All of the terms included here are also in the 216Teens Glossary. If you know of other LGBTQ terms or definitions we should add, please let us know.

Thanks to the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland for helping create this glossary.