Things to Consider

The coming out experience is different for every person, regardless of their identity. There is no one way to come out. Not everyone is able to come out because of their environment or supports, so it is important to not rush yourself, or other people. Consider the following points as you think about the decision to come out:


Are you emotionally, physically, financially, and/or spiritually safe?


If you are not telling everyone, is the person you’re telling trustworthy?


What does your support system look like? Are there friends, family members, professionals, or peers who may be able to help?


Have you considered your own emotional or physical responses to how each person you are coming out to may react?


Do you have an idea of local, or national, resources that can potentially assist you in your coming out process?

Remember, each person’s journey is different and only you can know when is the best time to come out.

What Does This Mean?
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9 in 10 LGBTQ youth say they are out to their close friends and 64% say they are out to their classmates.

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