What Does Mean?

Sex Ed Glossary

The 216Teens Sex Ed glossary was created to provide you with a list of terms and words that are related to sexual health, gender, anatomy and more. With over 1,200 terms, you’re sure to learn the meaning of a word that you’ve heard but maybe didn’t quite understand.

You can use this Glossary in a couple of different ways: Search for a word or phrase using the “What Does _____ Mean?” search tool, or just look through the Glossary to see the list of terms in alphabetical order (A-Z). Give it a try!

Keep in mind that this Glossary only provides short and really basic sexual health related definitions (but you can find more information by clicking on links within many of the definitions). Remember, this isn’t a medical dictionary – and this glossary and website are not a substitute for a healthcare provider’s advice.

If you know of any words that should be here but aren’t, let us know!