What Does Mean?

We Really Need to Talk

In relationships, it is important to set limits on physical contact based on your comfort level, to communicate those limits to your partner and to respect each other’s wishes.


Decide what you are comfortable doing. For example, you may feel comfortable kissing but not sexual activity or you may be comfortable with with some sexual activity but not intercourse. Value who you are & what is right for you!


Have a discussion with your partner about what you are and are not comfortable doing. Make sure you are very clear and firm in the way you communicate your limits and boundaries. For example, you could say something like, “I am comfortable with these activities, but I do not want to have sexual intercourse. If I decide I am ready I will tell you, but unless I do that please do not ask or pressure me to have sex.”


Check in with your partner without pressuring them to continually make sure they are okay with what you two are doing. For example, say something like “are you still okay with this?”, “do you want to keep going or stop?”, or “is it okay if I do this?” When your partner has communicated limits or boundaries, it is never okay to assume those limits have changed, unless they actually tell you they have changed. If your limits have changed, it is important that you communicate them.