What Does Mean?

Honest and open communication is the key to all healthy relationships, including those you may have with a romantic partner. Here are some signs to help you know the difference between relationships that are healthy and unhealthy:

Healthy Unhealthy
You listen to each other You talk “at” each other instead of “to” each other or you don’t listen when your partner is talking
You fight fair (no name calling, swearing) You call each other names, swear, yell and say intentionally mean or hurtful things
You enjoy spending time together You would rather spend time with other people or spend time alone
When you have a problem, you talk to each other You talk to friends and other people instead of your partner when you have a problem
You are caring toward each other You don’t show affection or respect each other
You know things about each other and you remember the “little things” You don’t know details about your partner’s life, likes and dislikes and you don’t pay attention to the “little things”
You make time for each other as well as yourself You don’t spend quality time together or you don’t allow each other to spend time with their friends or family
You disagree respectfully You call each other’s ideas and opinions silly or stupid
You have fun and are playful together You are always serious together and never joke or have fun
You express appreciation for each other You don’t say thank you
You actively try to surprise them or make them happy You don’t make extra efforts to do things to make your partner happy
You know how each other best shows and receives love You only focus on how you want to be shown love and what you like or want
You can be yourself with each other You pretend to be someone you aren’t to impress your partner
You trust each other You tell lies, are jealous and regularly do not believe each other
You are happy when good things happen to each other You are resentful and jealous when your partner succeeds
You don’t hide things or keep secrets You hide your phone and social media, lie about who you’re with, where you are or what you’re doing
You like each other’s friends and family, and they like you You don’t get along with each other’s friends and family
You know their goals and you support them You don’t know what they want in life or you aren’t supportive
It’s easy to list things you like about each other It’s easier to list things you dislike about each other than like
You think about each other often When you’re not together it’s as if you aren’t in a relationship
You know each other’s pasts, but don’t judge them for it You frequently bring up each other’s histories or judge them for past actions
You hang out with other people, not just each other You are only ever with each other, you blow off your friends and family
You are teammates You act selfishly or take advantage of each other
You have identities as a couple and as individuals You only identify in terms of a couple, you are not your own person