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Besides getting taller, bigger and body changes, people experience a lot of other things during puberty, too – and they’re not all just changes in your body. Some happen in your brain.

While puberty might be a time of physical and sexual maturity, the human brain isn’t really “mature” in some key ways until people reach their 20s. Puberty is a time when you start figuring out who you are and what you care about. It’s a great time to start taking extra good care of your body and your brain. This will help you become the person you want to be!

Because puberty causes so many changes, it can be a challenging time. But if you know what to expect and understand why you’re experiencing certain things, it can be an exciting time, too!

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Puberty is a natural part of life. Because your brain is going through as many changes as your body, it can be easy to get frustrated. But you’re perfectly normal – and you’re not alone in feeling like life is a roller coaster.

During puberty, you can help your body (and your brain) by staying fit, eating well, getting enough sleep, using your thinking skills, and taking great care of yourself. It is possible to get pregnant during puberty (even before females begin getting their periods), it is really important to take care of your sexual health and avoid STDs and unplanned pregnancies, too.